Last day of the MNL Craft Beer Festival at the Greenfields District

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

Today, December 2, is the last day of the MNL Craft Beer Festival which started last November 30 at Greenfield District Central Park, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.

Craft Beer

The Greenfield Development Corporation partnered with the Craft Beer Association of the Philippines and brought together a total of 30+ local breweries in the Philippines with over 250 local craft beer styles including home brewers beer. They also features the First Manila Mashers Home Brew Competition.

If you are curious about some of the beers, head on to the Greenfield District because aside from the regular local craft beer favorites in Metro Manila, the event showcased some of the hard-to-find beers from regional and local homebrewers.

Hurry, as you still have until 12 midnight today so you can get hold of some of the beer from local bewers who have launched their beers for the first time in Manila! The festival also presented some of the latest food trends, accompanied by great live music.

Here are some of our finds in the 3rd day of the local craft beer fest, bottom’s up! (Please let me know if I got some of the brewer’s name wrong as it was too cloudy with all of the beer tastings hehehehe… )

Barley and Craft
Craft Munting Ilog Brewery
Boondocks Brewers
Beer Bros. Craft
Nipa Brew Craft Beverages
The Brewery
Joe’s Brew
The Laughing Carabaos Craft Beers
Local Craft
Cerveza Palanyag, Ibalon Craft Brew and Manila Mashers Homebrew Club
Bulul Brewery and Santiago Brewery & Malthouse
Kapitolyo Brewing Co. and Great Islands Craft Brewery
Alamat Craft Brewery and Pedro BrewCraafters

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