For the love month, Say it with Cadbury

It’s the love month, love is all around us, and the means of expressing love has grown exponentially specially ever since social media has been around.

Love Out Loud.jpg

Yet again, Cadbury Dairy Milk Philippines, with it’s #SayitWithCadbury campaign, provides us more options for us to express our undying feelings for your ‘Significant Other’.

Say it With Cadbury.jpg

During an interactive Valentine’s Day event called “Say It With Cadbury: Love Out Loud”,  at the Bonifacio Hight Street, lead by the cutest sweethearts to date, Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador, Cadbury encouraged Filipinos to express their feelings in more than one way.

Elmo and Janella.jpg

Cadbury’s Limited Edition Valentines Sleeves

The #SayItWithCadbury campaign from the past two years promoted the use of their limited edition Valentines sleeves that featured a heart-shaped peek-a-boo note, where people can write their love messages. Avaialable at all leading supermarkets and groceries.


Love Out Loud Interactive Wall

At the Love Out Loud Interactive wall, attendees wrote their love messages on the Say It With Cadbury heart and have it scanned.


After scanning, the message is then projected on the wall and so people can interact with their messages through different motions.


Cadbury Love Arch

At the Love Out Loud arch, attendees can hang the hearts with their love messages in the Cadbury Love Arch creating one big expression of love for everyone to see.


Love Messages.jpg

We were able to hang our love message there, if you found it, just reach out to us and tag us! ^_^


So go on, we have given you enough ways to  show and express your feelings to your loved ones. But remember, when you don’t know how to express your feelings, one option is that you can #SayItWithCadbury. Happy Love Month to all!


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