Glowing Happiness in a Tub of Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch!

Heya Fellas!

Please bear with me as I go through my first unbiased Beauty Product Review. This is from a normal person like me who has tried their fair share of natural beauty/skincare products.

This product was sent to me by Go Bloom and Glow for review purposes. Thank you ❤️😘


(These were taken from the Go Bloom and Glow website)

Multifunctional Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch

• Brightens dark circles under eyes

• Helps skin stay firm and bouncy

• With Bulgarian Rose Water as its star ingredient, each patch is full of skin-benefiting vitamins and minerals, plus ultra-hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties

• Made with unique highly elastic hydro-gel material that allows essence to fully absorb into skin for maximum benefits

• Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch can also be used anywhere on your skin that needs extra care such as your forehead and cheeks

Volume: 60 pieces

Suitable for: All skin types

How to Use: Using the spatula to separate the patches, lift out two pieces and place them directly under the eyes or wherever your skin needs extra care (such as forehead and cheeks).

Leave on for 20-30 minutes — these hydrogel material will stay moist for longer than most mask products. Pat in any remaining serum with fingertips.


C’mon let’s face it, we all have them, and we all hate them. It doesn’t matter if you are young, mid age or older. Eye bags are one of those problems we target in our beauty routine. Some women have the dark, natural circles of their genetic heritage while others have the crow’s feet wrinkles of pale skin or the fine lines of age. Sometimes, you just haven’t slept enough, have some poor lifestyle habits, or your diet is not ok.

One of the easiest ways to manage eye bags and dark circles is the use of a concealer but it doesn’t just hide your imperfections, that’s why we have to treat them too.

So let’s treat those pesky puffy eye-bags woes!

When I received it, I wasn’t sure what to expect but when I opened the package, straight away, I fell in love with the packaging. It comes in a modern color pink tub (so cute and kinda feminine) with a clear spatula. I immediately figured out how to use the spatula and noticed that it’s very easy to use and a very innovative idea to include one. The smell? Oohhh the smell. I love it!!! Smells great! I love the Rose water scent, the aroma is relaxing and the smoothness of the hydrogel patch itself is very inviting.

The patches are super easy to use, If you’ll look closely, you’ll see that it’s glittery and sparkly, and so pretty. I use them twice a day, every after cleansing my face (I just use my anti-acne soap and toner, really that’s it!).

If you are not into slimy products, this is not for you. It’s slimy but not to the point that you will be grossed out. You will feel your skin absorbing the liquid essence after some time after putting it. It will slide though, so you have to be patient in adjusting to where you want it to be placed.

Well, I’ve been diligently using this for a week now and effect-wise, it really de-puffed/hydrated my under eye area. It’s far better to keep using a product you know that truly works for your skin. Give at least 2-3 weeks to see results ‘coz long term results may vary.

My eyes felt less stressed and I see an obvious hydration benefit from the product. It has a cooling effect which I love. It helps me relax while watching tv, browsing my phone or even when I just want to stare at the ceiling (weirdo 😜).

I leave them on my desired target area until what’s only left is the glittery patch itself.

Overall Verdict: It’s really a HEY HEY HEY! It’s really easy and enjoyable to use and I think that I would be purchasing this again when I finish up the tub. For the price, these patches are a lot more affordable than the individually packaged patches, especially if you are planning to use them every night! However, if you want to be more hygienic, you should buy the individual ones as there is a tendency for someone to touch the unused patches.

APOL’s Summary for you Fellas:

A tub of 60 hydrogel eye patches infused with Bulgarian Rose Water

THE Heys!

• Very modern and pretty tub packaging, a feel of luxe and high quality

• Includes a spatula to lessen that slimy feeling

• Generous 60 patches (30 applications for under your eyes everyday)

• Love the smell! I love the Rose water scent

• Cooling effect

• Easy to use – Just leave while doing other things (Just wait patiently until its secured to walk around so it won’t slip)

• It really hydrates skin and leaves your undereyes plump and refreshed

• Lessens dark under eyes and puffiness

THE No Nos

• Not for those who don’t like slimy products

• Buying in tubs isn’t as hygienic as those individually packaged

No more needs to be said because obviously, the product is an A-plus for me.

It’s not advisable to touch it with your bare hands that’s why there’s a spatula. This is for photo purposes only so you can see the exact shape of the product.


Loved it and will definitely recommend it!



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Instagram: @gobloomandglow




• SMELL | 5/5



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