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We are a brother and sister blog with Jowjowthe foodie lifestyle traveler and Apol, the beauty lifestyle traveler. Obviously, we totally agree on two things, food and travel! It is our mission to tell the world about the great things and experiences we encounter here in the Philippines and sometimes, at any part of the world.

Jowjow, a foodie and a traveler at heart. Mastermind behind @FoodFlings.PH and @Flingeros.PH.


I am working in the IT industry, a correspondent of What To Eat PH, that has always been mesmerized by food, it’s components and the hardwork that is put into preparing it. Food is an art and a gift that needs to be shared with the rest of the world, especially the Filipino Cuisine. On the other hand, traveling is not an easy hobby for it requires much of my time and strength so if I have the chance, I literally grab travel by the ‘B’ and jump on it as much as I can.

Through food, I experience traveling. Traveling to places I’ve never been.

So, what you say? Let’s go for a food-venture and a travel-venture!

As I say, “Fling It On!”


Hello, fabulous internet people, I’m APOL, I’m originally from the SOUTH (Las Piñas), born and raised in the Philippines (Proud Filipino), basically just a normal person and now residing in Pasig City who speaks from her heart and who loves Great Food, Fun company, beautiful sceneries and simple but useful things.

Probably the most important thing I’ve learned so far is that life is short. There’s more to life than business and money, we should live our lives while we have the chance. There is really more opportunity and meaningful experiences in life by just traveling, trying new things, eating new things and meeting different kinds of people.

I’m actually quite happy with my life and relationships at the moment, and I have a small business which makes life more interesting. ❤️


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